Getting the right sized hat

Getting the right sized hat

Getting the right size fit is a very personal choice as some people like their hat loose and some people don’t mind. Everyone has very different head shapes and no one is a perfect oval, so it can take a couple of  hat wears to settle into your shape.

Here is a guide to getting the best fit for a person who wants a regular fit.

Firstly, a hat should never give you an indention mark on your forehead or give you a headache. If your hat is giving you an indentation mark, it is too tight. Some bands on new hats will give a little, our fabric poly cotton bands will give about 5mm over time. 

The leather bands will not loosen as much, this is why if I am making you a bespoke felt hat, I will send you several bands to try on and then you can choose the one that fits the best.

When you have the correct band size, the hat should fit snuggly on your head and if you place your finger between the hat and your head, it should be firm. Another test is to wiggle the hat on your head, the skin of your forhead should move with the hat. Not pinch or slide, if it pinches the band is too tight and if the hat slides, its too loose.

The weight of a hat can cause headaches, for example, some crocheted paper hats are very heavy it is best to check materials before purchasing a hat. Atelier Royale uses natural materials are very lightweight.

Polyester hats can overheat you on a hot day as they do not breathe the same as natural fibers, natural materials will absorb moisture and then dry out. Our polycotton bands are designed for maximum comfort and durability. Wicking away moisture, while still feeling cool.

Please have a look at the how to measure your head blog as then you start with the correct measurement.

Contact us to discuss your specific bespoke hat needs.

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