Do you want to line your hat?

Do you want to line your hat?


 All hats can have a lining if required.

The liner (or lining) can be a beautiful addition to a hat, a secret surprise inside a hat which might otherwise have a rather uniform appearance.

One of the originally intended functions of the liner was to protect the felt of the hat from attack by the extremely oily products that men used to put on their hair. Many liners even included an extra transparent membrane, to protect the liner itself from such products.

Luckily for hats, those products are hardly used these days. If a hat has a liner, it is more about artistic flair and individuality, however, a cotton lining in a straw hat can protect the crown of the head from scratching.

At Atelier Royale, in line with our strategy on sustainability, we use natural fiber for most of our linings. Light weight cotton being the most widely used and has the most versatility in pattern and colour.

Silk, linen and viscose/rayons can be used. If you want another lining fabric, including your own choice that you can send to me, please let me know and we can discuss.

Synthetic satin linings are available and are normally used in Sinamay hats.

The Cotton Net lining can be dyed with tea, to fit the colouration of your straw.

Linings can be removed from the hat and washed if needed. The lining are tacked in with a small number of archival fabric glue dots and can be easily lifted away from the band.


Linings Available

100% Cotton

  • Black Tones
  • Blue Tones
  • Green Tones
  • Floral
  • Natural Calico – which can be tea dyed to match the hat.
  • Black Calico
  • Maori Print
  • Net – which can be tea dyed to match the hat.

Synthetic Satin

  • Colour to be discussed.

Other Fibers

  • To be discussed.

 Note: Straw hats with vent holes  eg Raffia and Rush, will show the lining to a certain degree, so it is important to discuss how that will look. Cotton Net works best in this situation. 

Note: Cotton fabrics may differ in design from the picture, due to availability,  but they will still be in the same tonal group.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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