Mission Statement

Perfect fit, gorgeous to wear, quality materials, and ethical craft practice.

Our sustainability framework has been built around our mission statement. This highlights our responsibility to bring affordable fashion to our customers both ethically and sustainably. Our creative vision and daily decision making are centred around our three pillars; People, Planet & Product.

At Atelier Royale we recognise that sustainable business practices are fundamental, as we aim to minimise ourimpact on our environment.

Our main objectives are to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

Ethical fashion
We take this very seriously and we continue to improve transparency in all areas of our

Projects and Collaborations
We understand the importance of Sustainability at a global level and know that collaborations will strengthen the impact we can collectively make going forward.

We want to continue to find better solutions for our people and planet and look forward to partnering with other eco and small village enterprise businesses to bring quality materials to New Zealand.

We have ongoing projects that will see us continue to improve on our sustainability journey.

Environmental Responsibility
Our vision is to build a sustainable fashion business, delivering ethically manufactured product with minimal negative impact on the environment. Material-sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution all affect people, communities and environments.

Our goal is to make product as sustainable as possible and ensure that it is affordable and accessible for our customers, so they can make a sustainable choice without compromise.

Environmental initiatives:

  • offering vintage and upcycled products.
  • Gradually changing sew in labels from polyester to 100% recycled cotton using eco friendly dyes.
  • changing swing tickets to certified card printed using eco-friendly inks.
  • Using 95% natural materials in the hats
  • Sending completed hats in recycled cardboard boxes