Hat Bands

The outer hat band on the crown of the hat can be individualised for custom orders. The band's individuality makes your hat stand out from the rest and adds personality and uniqueness to your hat.
We have several styles of bands available. As always, feel free to contact us if you want your band customized on any individual order. 

  • Standard

    Our straw fedora style hats come with the fedora bow. If you want
    customization for a standard hat, you will need to contact me, and we can
    arrange the change of band.

  • Classic

    With Petersham Ribbon. The Ribbon can be 38mm or 25mm, or a combination of both and you can choose any colours currently in stock.

  • Vintage Tie

    Because vintage ties are spectacular and it's recycled, a vintage tie band will add the wow factor to your hat.

    Style one: a 25mm ribbon edged on the top and bottom with the tie.

    Style two: a 38mm ribbon with the tie on the top edge and a bow in the tie colour.

  • Indy

    a sumptuous tonal mix of lace, natural fabrics, ribbons or fibres and finished with a couple of charms or a crystal.

  • Cat's Whiskers

    if enough felt is left from jacking (cutting) the brim to size, a 15mm narrow band or broader if the felt permits band can be added
    with tasselled ends.

  • Leather

    A leather band can be added at the width required. Currently, two colours are available: Cognac or Black.

  • Hat materials

    Learn more about the materials we use to make out hats, and how to care for them.

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  • Personalise your hat

    You can choose to personalise your hat with custom lining and ribbons. Take a look at some of your options.

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  • Design your own!

    Work with us to design your own, bespoke hat. Get inspiration from our gallery of previous work

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