Fitting a Bessie or Halo-style hat

Fitting a Bessie or Halo-style hat

A Bessie is a loose cloche style hat, that means it comes down over the top of the ears, sits low on the forehead and the band at the back of the head comes well below the occipital bone. (The bump at the back of your head.)

Measuring for a Bessie is different to a standard hat that sits tight on the occipital bone and the forehead.

The Bessie band needs to be at lease 2-3 cm more than the standard hat measurement.

You can get a rough idea by measuring the circumference of the head about 4cm below the occipital bone. This is the Halo measurement.

For example: standard head measurement is 56. Halo measurement is 57 add 2cm ease to the halo measurement 59 should be correct. If you like a tighter fit, choose a measurement of 1cm ease. 58cm.

If your hat is  not correct you can send the unworn hat back and we will replace it with a different size.

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